Useful informations

Development of the trip

• Camino Bereber will take all reasonable precautions for the wellbeing and safety of passengers, but will not be held legally responsible for any delays or damage caused beyond our control, including personal injury or delays due to disease, broken equipment, weather conditions and government restrictions.
• Camino Bereber is not responsible for additional costs for delays or return of vehicles.
• We guarantee the right to change the tour itinerary to suit the customer and you can propose a better option if necessary. If this change affects the contract budget, the rate increase will be regularized at the end of the trip. If there is a decrease, only the reservations will be charged.


Passports and Visas

• See the documentation in the Moroccan embassy in your country.
• For Spanish citizens it is mandatory a passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The passport is essential in order to proceed in the customs check-in desks.
• All travelers, including children, must bring their passport, being the sole responsibility of the customer problems and inconveniences that may arise for breach of this rule.

Vaccination and health precautions

• No required specific vaccine to enter Morocco.
• You should drink only bottled water.
• Each city in Morocco has at least one pharmacy with most needed medicines, pills, condoms and other sanitary ware.
• If you need special requirements (rare drugs, special tools, etc …), it will be advisable to bring the necessary from their home country.

Travelling with children in Morocco

In Morocco you can travel with kids, and they love to observe the cultural change. In Morocco those travelling with children are treated with special attention, so there is no reason not to bring them to this country.
In Morocco, more than 35% of the population is under 15 years. Your children will find friends there.
You can find everything you need for children, although we recommend that you take special meals and sunscreen, especially in summer.
To avoid stomach problems using only bottled water. In restaurants avoid salads and offer hot meals to children.
The meat is always well done, not a good idea to eat kefta rare.


• You may connect electrical devices in almost all sites without problems.
• In most of the territory’s mobile coverage. To use it properly you will have to have roaming service activated with your company.